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Dream Armed: Dream and Armed are made up from the same letters. It is really that simple, just as it is easy to comprehend that without our 2nd Amendment "standing guard," our 1st Amendment would not have the power to exist, to defend itself against either foreign or domestic terrorists, which is why removing the guns has always been the agenda for any group seeking to conquer and take away freedoms of others, seeking to control and to enslave others. Anyone who studies history knows this, so in the USA, it is apparent that we have not been teaching real history, if we are to consider the recent and disturbingly successful recruitment of young people, much like what we find in Hitler's Germany, or in "war-torn countries" fighting religious wars, which today is basically the majority of any Muslim-majority country. Once, we saw this in early Christianity, but nothing to the extent of the deluded empowered "Liberals--Dems," enhanced through today's Social Media, technology.

Basic human freedoms are that we are allowed to protect ourselves against those who want to hurt us. In fact, that would be a basic concept of survival applicable to any and all living things.  To be civilized means to be our ultimate selves, Humane and Kind, but we have simply not achieved our potential. We are technologically advanced, but not spiritually, and as such, we are now literally fighting for survival, fighting against the dominating bullies, the Liberal thinking that I only ever subscribed to in pursuing Higher Thinking, Progressive Thinking, but the real Liberal Agenda has set us backwards, retarding human evolution, and that is a dangerous thing when those in power lack Critical Thinking skills, as we have been witnessing to the most unbelievable ends, such that it really is ALARMING.


"Fear is the foundation of most governments."

                                                                 - John Adams

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No 1st Amendment

without the 2nd!

"A free people ought to be armed."

                         - George Washington


(Lay to rest those annoyances and grievances that otherwise eat away at your soul.)