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No photo credits means the designer is also the photographer, or occasionally a model or passer-by has jumped in as photographer.  Thank you to all the models, photographers, hair&make-up artists, and the curators and organizers, especially Caitlin Lewis of the Lakewood Heritage Center Museum and Darlene C. Ritz of Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, to whom I am grateful more than I can express, and of course special thanks to my Muse.

I like to joke that if it weren't for my art, I'd be a hoarder, but in truth, I find it a sad realization that humans create so much waste, with much of it completely avoidable.  What items end up at the dump that still have much life in them, for one purpose or maybe another, troubles me greatly.  Those mesh produce bags most people don't give a second thought to, that are quickly discarded once fulfilling their purpose of transporting and containing the produce, I see as materials for making clothing, such as the Green Goddess Gown, made exclusively from lime bags, avocado bags, and also those mesh sponges that after a few months are generally tossed, although it is possible to cleanse and reuse the unravelled plastic material.

​However, the saddest part to me is how much this says for humans, or rather, how little.  We don't just do this with objects, but we do this with living beings, whether animal or human.  We have much to learn. 

Ever since childhood, I have found ways to repurpose what most consider garbage, trash, or junk.  While the Biblical "waste not want not" is unarguably sound logic, my philosophy also has to do with simply finding new ways to REVAMP something,  breathing new life into discards.

It gives me pleasure to see just how much this field of art has grown over the last century, but truly exploded this last decade, and I am happy to finally actively participate in showing my repurposed-recycled-upcyled art, including my fashion and jewelry.

Apparently, it runs in the genes, as I have at least two cousins that I know of who also have produced this type of art, with my late cousin Feliza Bursztyn of Bogota, Columbia a world renowned artist famous for her moving sculptures made from recycled/salvaged materials. (more to come)