After trying out a few pseudonyms, I finally settled on "Vampirella Red" and later "Vampirella."  For one, I had no idea there was an entire vintage comic book series called "Vampirella"--it was 1990, no Internet, and I didn't know anyone into comics.  My invention was simply from taking "Cinderella" and "Vampire," as the Vampire Mythos was back in full swing at that time, thanks to Anne Rice. 

Over the years, I've tried out many names, from DJ aliases and writer pseudonyms, to using married names, but in the end, I have found that using  my original name, my birth name, has been the best of them all.  It was novelist Jim Dodge who once told me that to use my own name was the best thing I could do, and that from a fellow "trickster" fan.  Of course, I had the honor of working with Jim, who was the Faculty Advisor on the Toyon​.

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