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My #WalkAway Story

Author and Radio Show Host Karen Kataline interviews me for her 50th Anniversary BBS Podcast "Spouting Off," October 16, 2018

There is a lot of written text in my art, but most of the time what is written isn't the actual title, such as Phoenix painted on the sides of the Radio Flyer that "Her Chariot" is seated in, or The Lovers which appears at the bottom of "Limitless."  However, there are a few pieces where the title does actually appear in the art, but I'll leave that for you to find.

In the above interactive assemblage piece, Tikkun Olam, one of my favorite phrases, is included: "Le mot de l'enigme" which is French for "the key to the mystery," although in translation from French to English, "le mot" meaning "the word" becomes "the key" and "l'enigme" meaning "the enigma" translates into "the mystery"--who doesn't love the idea that the THE WORD IS THE KEY TO THE MYSTERY?!

Often, when words cannot express the spiritual, it is to art I turn to relate my experience with the Sublime.