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44 (Illuminati Series)
Escondido Arts Partnership Municipal Gallery, Escondido, CA
Art Riot
November 11 - December 2, 2011

Is Your Lipstick Leaded? (Illuminati Series)
Escondido Arts Partnership Municipal Gallery, Escondido, CA
Art Riot
November 11 - December 2, 2011

Thoth Floor Lamp (Illuminati Series)
California Center for the Arts,, Escondido, CA
Recycled Art
October 22, 2011

Photos of "Is Your Lipstick Leaded?" were included in the submissions credits for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics "Kiss Lead Goodbye Contest" put on by the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Safety Database.

The baby is in a deformed uterus with exposure to the lead in the lipstick the mother has used.

44: at some point in my quest for esoteric knowledge, I concluded 44 is where the absolute and the infinite meet. It has something to do with doorways to other dimensions.  44 comes up a lot, essentially the next step up from 11:11 (for anyone familiar with that).  44 is the last card in the Animal Medicine cards, representing the Hummingbird: Joy.  According to Lynn V Andrews in her Medicine Woman series, there are 44 members in the Sisterhood of the Shields.  2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=44, with four pairings, each equalling 11.

44 was my first illuminated box, something I had been wanting to do for a long time, combining my love for making lamps from repurposed parts with my love for making any and all types of box art.  I was so pleased that the box could be either free standing (and if desired, with a view of the back, which is in fact how I displayed it), or it can hang.  The battery pack can be easily hidden (velcro secures it).

44 is all about a "simple solution," which is why I chose to show the back, to show how simple it is.  Regarding the leaves, they are marijuana leaves, and it was at the recommendation of my husband that I try pressing them, so I went to the old grammar-school wax-paper pressing, combining several layers of individual giant leaves between layers of sheets of wax paper, all pressed together into one solid piece.  I recycled an old frame and build the box.  There is a screen mesh in the back to protect the back, as well as adding an effect that can be seen through the other side, depending on if 44 is placed in front of a natural light source for its illumination.  The end result made me very happy as it seemed reminiscent of something one might find in a scientist's study, such as Darwin; it's so botanical.  It can even be placed on a table, with the front side facing up.

Of course, since the exhibit was "Art Riot," the gallery's once annual Social and Political show, while the legalization of medical marijuana was already up and running in CA (and elsewhere) at the time, the general snail-paced moved to recognize the beneficial qualities of the plant, in all its forms (hemp!), as well as to recognize that our brains have receptors for the plant, indicating we are supposed to use it (and for medicine, in lieu of man-made bad pharma, it's all about what the good earth has provided, God, the Goddess, the Universe...and as a victim of bad pharma, I am well aware of what makes good medical sense and what doesn't), I just had to have 44 in that show, because the illogical move to deem a plant illegal is the real crime, especially in suppressing medical cures for dozens of ailments, as well as being the perfect remedy for a world with IBS, Depression, Insomnia, Eating Disorders, Epilepsy, MS, name it!