What Is Tikkun Olam?
“Tikkun Olam” literally means “repair the world,” and the concept is at least as old as Kabbalah.
According to Kabbalah, shortly following the “singular” event that commenced creation and the formation of the world, the “Ain Sof”—that which precedes what in three big monotheistic religions is commonly called “God”—attempted to infuse some of its light into vessels made of light.  However, the light could not be contained and shattered the vessels.  The shattered pieces/splintered light fell to earth, into the darkness, and became trapped in shells.  Now it is upon every individual to work to retrieve the trapped light.  Basically, through good deeds (“mitzvoh”), hard work, and much inner soul-searching, we all work to repair the world, especially by working on our own individual souls.

The simplified Sri Yantra, which appears on the outermost glass, is an ancient Hindu symbol also depicting the forming of the manifest world.  “Yantra” is Sanskrit for “instrument” or “machine.”  The nine interlocking triangles radiate out from a center “bindu” point—yet another appearance of what may be considered a “singularity.”  There are five triangles pointed downwards that are symbolic of the female energy (“Shakti” is the Hindu goddess) and four triangles pointed upwards that are symbolic of the male energy (“Shiva” is Shakti’s male counterpart).
A “singularity” in physics has everything to do with the manipulation of space-time and is connected to infinity and black holes.  It is a point, an instance that changes everything: a singular event.
This is merely a very abbreviated explanation of very deep ideas and should only be taken as a starting point for the viewer.  Moreover, I am neither a physicist nor a theologist… 

Directions for Viewing:
This is a meditative work; however, it is also an interactive piece, but it is fragile.
To open the door, first unlatch the catch (left side), then gently pull the knob with right hand while holding the box with the left so as not to dislodge from the wall.  Please remember to replace the latch when done viewing.

Tikkun Olam may be viewed with the lights on or off, as you wish.
It is not necessary to open the door to experience the piece, but it is all part of the great mystery.  “Le mot de l’enigme” is “the key to the mystery.”  Word!

6th Premise: The observer is part of the observed.

​​There is a lot of written text in my art, but most of the time what is written isn't the actual title, such as Phoenix painted on the sides of the Radio Flyer that "Her Chariot" is seated in, or The Lovers which appears at the bottom of "Limitless."  However, there are a few pieces where the title does actually appear in the art, but I'll leave that for you to find.

In the above interactive assemblage piece, Tikkun Olam, one of my favorite phrases, is included: "Le mot de l'enigme" which is French for "the key to the mystery," although in translation from French to English, "le mot" meaning "the word" becomes "the key" and "l'enigme" meaning "the enigma" translates into "the mystery"--who doesn't love the idea that the THE WORD IS THE KEY TO THE MYSTERY?!

Often, when words cannot express the spiritual, it is to art I turn to relate my experience with the Sublime.

Tikkun Olam

Escondido Arts Partnership Municipal Gallery, Escondido, CA

EAP Members, 3rd Place

​February 10 - March 4, 2012

San Diego County Fair, Del Mar, CA

Fine Art Recycled 3D, 2nd Place

June 8 - July 4, 2013

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