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It was an honor to be able to participate in this five month exhibition curated by Caitlin "Katy" Lewis, who has been a true inspiration to me and to whom I am forever grateful for including me as well as acting as my muse.  If it hadn't been for this opportunity, I might not have made the Green Goddess Gown, which was made specifically for this exhibit.  So it was only too appropriate that a year later, Katy would be the first to wear the Green Goddess Gown when she walked the runway for the Denver Children's Hospital Fragile Xpression Clinic Fashion Show Fundraiser.  Katy in the Green Goddess Gown looked like she could either have just stepped out from a 1920's garden tea party ala Great Gatsby, or just maybe she's the replacement for the "green fairy"--a lovely version that requires no alcohol in my mythos.  (Absinthe! Is it no wonder that the same wormwood plant at its heart is used in some serious magic binding spells.)

On the day of the opening, as I was delivering the Green Goddess Gown, just completed, Clarke Reader of the Lakewood Sentinel was at the Museum, speaking with Curator Caitlin Lewis, for the story he was working on, so on the other end of the Green Goddess Gown, previewed during the making in the Denver Post, here was Clarke Reader who documented the finished product.  As is the story of my life, there I was caught sans makeup and on minimal (to no) sleep, but I felt so blessed to be included in the article, and then low and behold, I was front and center of the Lakewood Sentinel--what a hoot!  Thank you to Clarke for capturing this very exciting moment for me, and thank you to the wonderful women at the Sentinel office, including Linette, Pat, and Marcia, who provided me with the many copies as well as creating the fantastic front page layout.  Again, I am grateful for the opportunities presented and the genuinely humane and kind people I've encountered along the way. (link to original article)

Original "Fun with Fashion" postcard, front and back.

​​I was so excited to be interviewed by the Denver Post's Austin Briggs and photographed by Anya Semenoff for an exhibit preview article.  Thank you for including me, on the front page of the "YourHub" section, no less.   (link to original article)

Also included in the exhibit: salvaged materials rose vine necklace, Ka-Chow! skirt and top (rescued kid's play tent with "Lightning McQueen" motif), "Farrah" pillow case dress from the Repurposed Stardust Collection shown at RMCAD, as well as a few pieces of the accompanying vegetable strainer jewelry from the RMCAD show.

Fun with Fashion

Lakewood Heritage Center, Lakewood, CO

September 26 - February 28, 2015

Caitlin M. Lewis, Museum Curator