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My first bumper sticker, and I didn't even think to use my art for the background. It just seemed important to put the thoughts into writing, considering my basic understanding of spirituality, that we are all connected, and connected to something beyond our comprehension, whether it be God, Goddess, The Universe, some Higher Power, and this relationship we have with this HP is personal and private. Religions have taken what rightfully belongs to every individual, repackaged it, and sold it back to the people, causing wars and genocide, no less, spreading evil and hate, the exact opposite of what God--Good is. I am here to remind humans of our personal spiritual connection to the Universe, which many seem to have either forgotten or worse, forsaken. Maybe it seems lofty to say that I find this is part of my purpose, but whenever I have resisted my calling, the Universe reminds me, and it is not always pleasant, and now it appears it is timely as in my lifetime of near FIVE DECADES, I have never seen such turmoil, especially here in the USA. Somehow, we seem to have been de-evolving, and I simply can no longer hold my tongue, not when I myself am experiencing such a major transformation in thought and being.

It does make me very sad to see how easily people discard their higher-being, living only in the material world, ignoring the daily miracles, and missing out on what is Awesome and Sublime, the Realm of God, and never finding True Purpose.

With my own serious health set-backs, for the last year, I have managed to transcribe a third of my book, maybe even half; with a long way to go, I am hopeful to finally complete the book I was called to write, 44 years ago, when at the age of 15, nothing made sense. Now I understand that I had to experience the contents of the book, apparently, for better or for worse. I look forward to presenting my work.




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