4th Premise: Miracles happen every day, but you must be open to receive them.


Digital photography allows for the non-photographer to be a photographer, without spending a fortune.  I love just being able to click away, from one still to the next.  Of course, the one time I borrowed a friend's DSLR to take "high quality" photos of "Synergy," I ended up with about 400 digital pictures, trying to get that "perfect shot," you know, the one where the white sheet covering the table has no wrinkles, and the back-drop is spotless...

Just having the access to take photos and immediately view, edit and print them, as desired, is probably one of the better advancements of the 21st century.  The ability to manipulate the images for artistic renderings is most definitely a plus.

The possibilities are endless.

2nd Premise: In an infinite universe there are an infinite amount of possibilities.

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