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Agitated and Illegitimate, Witches Issue Hexes Ill-Advised and Undignified

Ever since President Trump took office, self-proclaimed witches seeking fame have been publicly, wantonly cursing the President for what is not factually known, thereby issuing what legitimate practitioners would consider ill-advised hexes, as these hexes are not based in tangible evidence of any sort and are misdirected against our President, Justice Kavanaugh, and anyone for that matter that these illegitimate witches are brazenly targeting.
Any sane witch worth her weight in cork knows the “rule of three”: to hex someone that is not deserving—focusing intent to cause harm on another, up to and including wishing death upon another that requires coffin nails and/or graveyard dirt—will be met in return with that same bad mojo they wished on that innocent, but three-fold, which might surely kill the -itch in the backlash. 
Magic is the stuff of physics, cause and effect, Karma—for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, but to tamper with natural order means these would-be witches are interfering, creating dis-order, chaos. Actions have consequences.
The ridiculousness that is happening with the public rise of these activist-witches, who have been given air time on both the liberal networks as well as on the only mainstream conservative network, is that they do not appear to know about the subjects on which they are claiming to be experts, a growing liberal trend.
Initiated witches should know about the Sabbats as well as basic admonishments about casting controlling spells, any spell intended to control another being’s freewill, such as a love spell. Indeed, love spells are very bad and they turn out about as well as adultery.
When New York occult bookstore co-owner Dakota Bracciale returned to Fox’s Watters’ World, on Dec. 22, 2018, to speak with host Jesse Watters about the latest outrage that has incurred the wrath of these “Antifa witches,” as Bracciale refers to himself and his cronies, the malaise now triggered by President Trump’s repeated references to the endless Mueller Russia Investigation as a “Witch Hunt”; they claim that President Trump’s terminal usage insults the historical persecution and execution of alleged witches, during the 16th and 17th centuries, but they have erred.
Once again President Trump’s proper use of rhetoric throws the TDS-afflicted into a frenzied confusion, stumped by their own inabilities to comprehend the accurate and important use of the analogy, thus missing golden opportunities, sharing insights into the history of a widespread movement to exterminate mostly women, accused of witchcraft, although many were simple herbalists, healers, and midwives—wise women.
We have already witnessed Mueller’s perseverance to conclude that President Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election, the determination to find crime where there is none, to create criminals by misleading good people under oath to contradict previously forgotten statements of little import but enough with which to condemn them, label them, prosecute them, imprison them. 
President Trump is absolutely correct in the comparison which puts on par the persecution he and his Administration have been subjected to, simply because the accusers are determined to win, even if that means destroying individual lives.
According to the interview Bracciale did with Newsweek, in October 2019, he admitted to the intent of these hexes for “causing suffering,” and concluded that the hexes had been successful in exposing, humiliating, and invalidating President Trump.
On his recent return television appearance to Watters’ World, Bracciale was asked about the Winter Solstice, having occurred just the day before the interview was broadcast, but the self-proclaimed witch could not explain in any knowledgable way about the eight Wiccan Sabbats, which is basic Wicca 101.
With the opportunity to educate an audience, rather than being the butt of the joke, this seller of books, wherein information lies abundant, failed to offer anything for the viewer, no gifts of wisdom, because this capitalist witch was busy inadvertently proving the rule of three, exposing, humiliating, and invalidating himself, forever preserved and rapidly distributed for world re-views, thanks to the Internet and social media.
Important Fact: With the invention of the Gutenberg Press, (approximately 1436), Hammer of Witches (Malleus Maleficarum) became the second best selling text—a how-to for hunting witches. The Gutenberg Bible came in first.
Speaking of witches, as we conclude the Twelve Days of Christmas, this Saturday eve, with Twelfth Night revelry long into the wee hours ending Sunday, January 6, with the final celebration of the Epiphany that commemorates the arrival of the Three Wise Men, also known as the Magi (the plural of magus, meaning magician), we might consider the Italian tradition of La Befana, who acts like Santa Clause but looks like the iconic old witch with a broomstick, and who also comes down chimneys, on Twelfth Night, leaving candies for the good children and onions and garlic for the wicked.
Befana, like all great mythos, has many variations on the origin myth, including the Hag giving assistance to the Magi with directions for their journey, allegedly being invited to accompany the men to Bethlehem, although she would not attend. Missed opportunities.
If the beauty of our existence has to do with either what is on one extreme physics, the “harmony of the spheres,” that exists in a perfect balance of equations, or on the other end of the spectrum, God, or any other “Higher Power” that may be considered within the variety of world religions and spiritual belief systems, including Wiccan and Pagan, then the notion of attempting to manipulate the equation for one’s personal gain, including revenge that is misplaced and unwarranted, will inevitably set off the precariously balanced universe that operates in the same way as a human body when bugged with a flu; homeostasis or bust.
Undoubtedly, the remedy Antifawitches afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome require can be found right there in their very own books.  After all, books are where history is written, for better or for curse.


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