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Rêverend Tanya A. N.

Ever since I watched the so-called "debate" between Dinesh D'Souza and Cenk Uygar, I couldn't help but notice Uygar's antics, and he rather reminded me of a caveman, and as D'Souza had apparently and appropriately noted prior, Uygar would "bring a knife to a gun fight," which was essentially correct. Uygar can certainly incite his audience, but to what end other than making a lot of noise? Ratings and therefore profit for Uygar are his bottom line.  Unlike D'Souza who has been working and producing actual tangible products--researched information, facts, all presented in books and now, video in an effort to actually inform individuals--Uygar appears typical of the non-enterprising facade-of-a-person, an empty shell full of hot air and nothing more.

Linda Sarsour--nothing really funny about her, her beliefs, her apparent financing and agenda. The fact Bernie Sanders and so many other Jews would ignore that anti-Semitism is a real issue can only mean one thing, they are themselves anti-Semitic, "kapos" who were the Jews working for Nazis, in the camps. 

On the other hand, the subject of Jewish Humor, the history that is there, the pain and suffering that leads to making jokes about the situation, well, that's where these come from a need to find some way to alleviate the horror, the fear, and the disgust.

There is a long history of self-deprecating humour when it comes to Jewish comedians, so I guess it is not so difficult to see how easily one may slip from self-hate, to taking that hate out on others. That is the basic premise of how all abuse starts, through jealousy, self-hate, envy.

​Cain and Abel!


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